Setting the scene for your product


We have a range of decorative solutions. The modern system used in Meinerzhagen allows up to three labels to be applied simultaneously with a throughput frequency of up to 400 containers per minute.

As well as supplying adhesive labels for base, side and all-round labelling for a wide variety of label sizes, we are capable of printing containers directly in up to eight colours using the dry offset process.

In the IML process containers and labels are bonded together in a single injection moulding step. This makes subsequent labelling or direct printing of the cups redundant.



Innovative, flexible and precise: the “no-label print”


Whether in white, additionally in 4c, in combination with a custom colour or additionally with a decorative coating, our cup printing technique allows you absolute flexibility. We offer a wide range of possibilities, including the printing of standard or custom shapes, the availability of all colours used in direct cup printing, partial and point-precise printing, and a special finish.



All the possibilities at a glance:

  • 4c printing
  • Standard and special shapes can be printed
  • Partial and high-precision printing
  • All colours used in direct tray printing are available
  • Backing with white is possible (up to 2 times)
  • Coating (top-coating, gloss coating, matt coating, protective coating etc.)

Technical features