Expert plastic processing tailored to specific customer needs


Our thermoforming and injection moulding systems in various performance classes enable us to implement customer-specific orders in continuous shifts. We are capable of managing product introductions in small volumes and also supplying high-volume series.

We use modern extrusion systems to produce PS, PP and PET foils, as well as PS with laminated foils. This means that we not only cover our own needs for the production of thermoformed containers and trays, but also supply foils to our customers in Germany and Europe. With our headquarters in Meinerzhagen and the foil plant in Schkopau we are capable of meeting customer-specific requirements in terms of foil thickness, equipment and widths according to specific schedules.

We are fully certified


In addition to the relevant standards for the food industry, we have an energy management system in addition to the environmental system.

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We’ve got plenty of space!


At our two sites in Meinerzhagen (production area 11,400 m²) and Schkopau (production area 1,600 m²) we produce foils in an extrusion process and food packaging using injection moulding and thermoforming processes. A total of 9,400 m² is available for warehousing and 1,300 m² for administration and dispatch. The warehouse design means that we are able to supply customer-specific secondary packaging as well as standard packaging units.

m² storage space

m² high rack storage

m² foil storage